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>Matthias Andersson wrote:


>> This 5.1 MW coil, is it something that someone is going to build

>> or....?

>> Just curious because that would be one heck of a system!!



>No, I doubt that it would ever be built, it is just a coil that

>I designed when the DOE started sending their engineers to 

>'project management' classes, in order to reduce waste <<smiley>.  


>Each engineer had to choose a 20 to 50 man-year project and

>calculate the various schedules, Gantt charts, WBS and cost

>breakdown structures.  I chose to build a twin coil system whose

>size was right at the upper practical design limit.  


>Here are some numbers that dropped out of the design set:


>Tower Dimensions

>  Total Height - 85 feet

>  Diameter     - 22 feet

>  Total Weight - 48500 lbs, per tower

>  Toroid Size  - 12 feet high, 44 feet OD


>Power Consumption  - 5.1 MW at 380 PPS


>Mains Requirements - 12470V 3PH DELTA, 275A, 0.9PF


>Output Arc Length  - 270 feet


>WBS Total - 45 man-year(non-contract), 27 months project duration

>CBS Total - 3700 k$


>Funny, I seemed to be the only one that was enjoying the project

>management class!  I don't personally know anyone who is both 

>crazy and rich enough to fund such a thing; but surely I would

>drop everything I'm doing now, to work on such a project. 



Hehe, i bet you would. Mee too without any hesitation.

Why don't we contact a filthy rich oil sheik who has done everything twice

and can't seem to find anything to spend his money on....

Let's go surfin' in the sahara....... =)

Anyway interesting specs, thanks!


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