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Hello Richard (Smit),

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> Subject: Flyback and Q
> Hi,
> I only have two questions.
> 1. How do you calculate Q?

For a series-resonant circuit Q = (SQRT(L/C))/R  where R is the 
Effective Series Resistance and is a monster to calculate because
it is comprised of wire resistance (modified by skin and proximity 
effects), ground path resistance, radiation resistance, dielectric 
losses in the coil former, core losses if a core is being used etc. 
etc.  You normally measure Q and calculate R after the fact. To get 
even close to an accurate measurement of Q for a TC secondary, it 
must be totally isolated from its surroundings and the ground path 
resistance should be zero. In practical terms, you can measure Q for 
the situation in which it will be used (surrounded by all the normal 
clutter). Under these conditions, Q will be considerably less than 
the isolated value. This is measuring unloaded Q anyway.

> 2. What is the voltage and current of a flyback transformer

How long is a piece of string?
> 3. The EMF around a Tesla Coil, is it like a magnets magnetic field only
> much    weaker, therefore it doesn't attrack objects like nails to it or what?

It is oscillating and can be quite strong if the currents are high.