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>Hi folks,
>recently I decided to have a go at making a new capacitor. I choose to do a
>rolled cap . When looking for the polyehylene sheeting I could only find
>high density and ulta high density sheets. Since then I have heard
>reference to low density or LDPE. Can someone explain to me what this means
>in terms of dielecric strength and K value.

No real diff so far as caps are concerned.  The high density stuff has an
edge in heat handling and a slight edge in voltage.  Don't pay more for the
higher density grades.  LDPE is just fine for all uses in Tesla caps.
Strength on LDPE is rated real high 3000-5000v/mil in .5mil thicknesses
(DC).  In thick slabs >50 mil it drops drastically to 200v/mil (AC shock
excited).  K is around 2.3-2.5

Richard Hull, TCBOR