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>Went back to the place that has all the coax for sale and what did I see? A
>large transformer. Much larger than I will need for my first coil but
>perhaps the right size for a later version.Can anyone help me out and
>explain to me what I have found. If appropriate for a coil I shall buy it
>and either use it or trade to someone for something else.  It says on the
>tag: G.E  Catalog #9T23B3882,3OKVA,primary 480 V.,Secondary 240V.   Type  QL
>Nema class AA dry Type Transformer.   It appears to be new.Thanks.
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You have found a very heavy duty (30 kva) step down transfomrer with a 2:1
ratio.  No good at all for Tesla work.  Used in industrial environment to
drop 480 volts down to 240 volts.

Richard Hull, TCBOR