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60 kv potential is a bit too high for Tesla xmfr work -- the insulation
problems in the primary to secondary area would be enormous not to mention
the ultra high cost of capacitors to work at this potential.  Neon sign
units or pole unit work best for this application.  Your 60 kv unit would
make a great jacob's ladder climbing arc.  


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> Hello All,
> My Dad has found a HV transformer and we would like to know if it is
> suitable for Tesla work. It is rated 60 kv 200 ma. It consists of two
> Flyback transformers, one a little larger than a TV flyback, and one
> several times larger. The unit was submerged in oil. It also has
> several caps on the unit. We took several Digital pictures of it and
> the spec tag. If anyone is able to help with this I can attach them
> E-mail direct. Any
> help would be appreciated.
> Brad McPeak 
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