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Increase capacitance in primary to .005 MFD and use a 1 x 8 toroid or 2 1/2
inch dia. copper plumbing float.  Use small multiple primary sparkgap with
4 to 6 gaps and small 200 CFM blower about 1 1/2 inch behind the gap. 
Should give you the performance you are looking for with your 30 ma. xmfr.


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> Subject: Repost: Have secondary, need design.
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> I'm not sure if this got out before the list crashed, so here it is
> Any help would be great.
> I have a secondary from a coil I made years ago  that never worked very
> well. I am hoping to build another (working) coil using the secondary and
> capacitor from that first coil. The secondary is wound with approx. 962
> turns of 28 AWG wire on a 3 inch ABS pipe. It stands about 14 inches
> The capacitor is a .001 uF 25KVDC unit. 
> I figure that a primary of about 10-15 turns and a 15KV 30mA neon sign
> transformer should work......Will it? Does anyone know of a design that
> uses the same secondary and capacitor as listed above?
> Thanks..
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