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> try the same epoxy resin that they use in fish tanks.  that will work.
> From:   Michael Smith[SMTP:md.smith-at-usa-dot-net]
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> I have a quick question. Can anyone recommend a very good and
> relatively inexpensive coating, like a two part epoxy paint or
> something that would be able to seal up the inside of a plywood
> box used to a capacitor case? I would like to avoid building a
> plastic box if I can.
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Hi Michael. Although I haven't build a capacitor box using plywood, I
did build a large sink using plywood and a fiberglass coating used for
cars and boat.  I first applied the fiber glass tape in the corners
where the greatest potential of failure would be and then applied 
the fiber glass compound to the complete sink.  I have been using this
sink (approx 30" x 60" x 12" deep) for over 15 years without a leak.  I
also filled the sink to the top with water and it didn't leak.

The only concern that I may have is now the fiber glass compound will
stand up to the oil that you will be using.

Good luck and let me know how it works out if you use this compound.