Re: neon vs. potential transformer

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> Subject:        neon vs. potential transformer
>   All,
>   Previously, I built a small TC using a 12 kV, 30ma neon trans, which
>   produced a 42" spark using 740 watts as measured with a wattmeter.
>   Then for comparison purposes, I replaced the neon trans with a
>   potential trans and a suitable ballast, the TC drew about 680 watts
>   and gave the same spark length.  Toroid size is 5" x 20".
>   I also had tried using a 15 kV, 60ma neon trans, which gave a 65"
>   spark and drew 2600 watts.  Yesterday, I installed the potential
>   trans into the same TC and with 6.7millihenries of ballasting, it
>   produced a 65" spark and drew 2100 watts.  Toroid size is 6" x 26".

I wonder if you could enlighten me about your Xformers. I have a 30mA
12Kv neon and the wattage on the nameplate says 360W. Do these
tranformers really draw almost double the nameplate rating?
Also I have been running a TC with 2 30Ma 15Kv Neons and I only get 30"
sparks and I am sure they do not draw 2.5 Kw!(they would have blown my 8
amp fuse) Are these modified neons you are using? If not, please tell me
the secret of how do you get such long spark lengths from such low

Also, what is a potential xformer?

Cheers and some confusion from down under,

Peter E.