Re: plywood capacitor box

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You might try Polyester for a coating.  I have used it on wood for other
projects and it works fine.  Polyester is available at Auto Parts, Wal Mart,
K-Mart, Hardware store.  By the way I just bought a quart of polyester and
found the best price at Wal Mart.

Have you ever considered using an old car battery box for your capacitor.
If you cut off the + and - posts about 1/2" from the end with a hacksaw it
will release the connection.  The top is sonic welded to the box.  You can
pry around the edges of the top to release it.  Then the top will come off
and the plates inside can be dumped out.  It has 6 compartments.  Might make
a great capacitor box.

Gary Weaver

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>greetings all, 
>Nice to see the list up and working again...The shakes are
>starting to go away now.
>I have a quick question. Can anyone recommend a very good and
>relatively inexpensive coating, like a two part epoxy paint or
>something that would be able to seal up the inside of a plywood
>box used to a capacitor case? I would like to avoid building a
>plastic box if I can. 
>I would like to use several coats of polyurethane, then coat the
>inside with something to hold in the oil. 
>Anyone have any experience along these lines?
>Michael Smith