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Hi Richard,

On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Tesla List wrote:

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> Hi,
> What does the picture look like, explain it good.
> Is it a man with a mustach standing next to his coil. Does the coil have a
> very large torroid on it.
> If that is the picture, then I have it.
> Hope someone can help you.

Well, I can clearly remember the photos -
The first one was actually titled on the html page 'Paul w/'.
The guy seems to have longish brown hair tied back in a pony tail (fairly
long). He's wearing some kind of brown leather-like jacket which is zipped
up and both of his hands are in the front pockets. He's wearing jeans (I

The coil is probably 8 feet tall with a 40" toroid (spun aluminium). The
base of the coil is a box shape-table configuration with the RSG and
capacitors underneath. The under-area appears to be enclosed with perspex
plastic (clear). The Tesla primary and secondary sit ontop of this. The
primary has around 5-8 turns of copper-pipe in an archimedes pancake coil
config. The secondary (I think) is either dark blue or dark red...

The building behind him look like some type of institution, maybe a
university or research centre. There are two buildings either side and the
coil appears to be setup between them. There is an over-pass enclosed
walkway joining the 2 buildings at the top level.

The Power supply for the coil is on the right hand side near a door. It's
sky blue in color and looks identical to the Super Model 9 power-supply
from Tesla Technology Research (We have one in Canberra).

The coil overall construction looks very much Bill Wysock style.

The second photo is the coil in operation at night time from an angle more
to the right and the coil is positioned closer to the over-pass walkway.
It's shooting streamers about 10+ feet. You can also see the glare from
the RSGH in the underneath area of the coil.
There is also a man standing (leaning on the guide rail) up on the
overpass, where he's to the right-side of the coil in operation, looking
down at it.

Well, that's about the best description I can give...anyone seen these