Re: Vacuum Tubes Come Back

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> Subject: Vacuum Tubes Come Back
> Well, I thought everyone on the list would find the following article most
> interesting.  Here goes:
> Progress By Looking Backword
> Before transistors, there were vacuum tubes.  Now researchers are taking a
> look backward.  "We're revisiting vacuum tubes from the 1940s," says
> physicist Griff L. Brilbo, of North Carolina State University.  "But now
> we're taking advantage of new materials and computer design tools to
> predict their performance at very high frequencies, for use in radar and
> cellular phones."  One difference between the old and the new tubes is
> size.  The new tubes are tiny and come in arrays about the size of a match
> head.  They are made by "encasing electrodes in diamond, then evacuating
> the air from the interiors,"  says Science News magazine.  "A big
> difference between the new diamond vacuum tubes and the large glass bulbs
> of the 50 years ago is heat.  The old tubes had to glow red-hot to emit
> streams of electrons.  The new tubes produce current at room temperature."
> Besides being more durable than semiconductors and computer chips, the
> new tubes outperform them at high levels of temperature, voltage, and
> radiation.
> Well, judging from the above article, I guess you tube coilers better get
> working, eh?  TTYL!

I've heard of this from time to time. The new tubes are based upon
field-emission, if memory serves.

- Brent