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>A question for Richard Hull, if 400 to 600 bps is what you see from
>experience as a good general number, why does this coil want higher and
>higher rpm?
>Comments anyone?
>Ed Sonderman

There is no cherished or magic break rate.  I find that most killer systems
are operating between 300-600 BPS.  This is a form of snergistic design
"happy area".  The key is that if you have a pole pig and use a .0125 cap as
I did with maggie #11-A,  the sky is the limit I hit 1100 BPS and the sparks
were still growin"!!!  However if you are using a small PT or large neon and
are using a .1ufd cap then a break rate of 60-120 BPS might even be a bit
much.  It relates to the KVA of your Xfrmer, its percent impedance, and the
size of your system cap as to where the "happy area" will be.  My NWL caps
took the pounding of the 1100 BPS with 10kva into a .0125 cap, but it was
not a very kind and gentle experience for the gap, the caps, or my nerves.

Richard Hull, TCBOR