The Vultex and the Coil (Winter Coiling)

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Subject: 	The Vultex and the Coil  (Winter Coiling)


  A new year and a new winter is upon us.  Here's a winter coiling story: 

  The Vultex stood on the platform and twirled the dials on his hand-held
  controller.  The huddled masses stood and waited, shivering in the icy
  cold darkness.  Suddenly a strange sound and flickering light glared
  forth from the platform as the coil came alive.  The crowd, their faces
  lit by the eerie light, stood awestruck as the monstrous lightning bolts
  worked their way from the super-toroid towards the onlookers.  Their
  senses were bombarded by the waves of crashing thunder, their eyes
  assaulted by the blinding white arcs that seemed to threaten their very
  survival.  A number of folks collapsed in a swoon, others cried out in
  terror and madness.
  Still the electrical fires burned into the air until time seemed as frozen
  as the atmosphere.  The crowd could not shiver despite the piercing 
  cold which tortured like a thousand steel blades.  
  The Vultex stood immobile, his bird-like features exaggerated by the
  cold pulsating arc-light.  His hooded eyes stared balefully at the
  multitudes as he twisted the dials to unleash more power into the
  snarling arc-streamers.
  The platform and the lands around it trembled from the
  terrible energy and the crowd marveled anew at the un-earthly
  spectacle.  Still the Vultex increased the power until the sparks
  and flashes penetrated into the people's souls, convincing them
  that the end of the world was near.
  None knew how long this mighty display continued; whether it
  was for hours or days, but finally the Vultex, towering upon the 
  platform like an evil sorcerer, turned down the dials.  The ever-
  reaching sparks withdrew into the toroid, and the tumultuous 
  sound and light died away.  The Vultex disappeared into the 
  darkness, and all was black and silent.  Then the crowd shivered
  once again.

  John Freau