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I've observed a green glow as well.  One of my TC toys is a large
(6" dia) decorative clear glass light bulb taped to the end of a
broom stick.  When I allow the spark from my coil to jump to the
base of the bulb, I get a cluster of purple streamers from the
filament to the glass walls of the envelope.  In a darkened room,
I've also noticed a greenish glow from the glass.  The glow resembles
UV-excited florescence.  Could I be generating "soft" x-rays?  I always
assumed the inert gas filling in light bulbs prevented x-ray tube
action.  Hmmm...


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The green glow is known as a "metastable decay", a common atomic property
of both solids and gases.  The glow can last for seconds or minutes
depending on the material and energy level to which it is pumped.  Be
especially cautious if you notice any vacuum tubes with the glass walls of
the tube glowing green with a high voltage applied.  This is a sign of
X-ray generation and might be harmful to your health.  The less expensive
types of glass will do this even when energized with AC which could be
self-rectifying within the vacuum tube.  You might pick up a radiation
badge from a local hospital and check it out for your own safety.


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> 6On Wed, 24 Dec 1997 00:41:06 +0100 (MET) Atle Jorstad
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> > About green glowing tubes, I have a Tv rectifier (PY 30). I put 35-40
> > over it...the thing made a green glow, and the "insulators" within the
> > continued to glow even after the power was shut off.
> the reason for the persistant green glow of the insulators is probably
> to them being made of ceramic. Many ceramics are phosphorescent, ceramic 
> dental crowns are notorious for doing this after exposure to long wave 
> Ultra Violet light at clubs for example.
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