Tesla simulator

From: 	Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz[SMTP:acmq-at-compuland-dot-com.br]
Sent: 	Saturday, December 27, 1997 6:23 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Tesla simulator 


I prepared a simulator for a Tesla coil circuit that you may find
useful. It computes and plots exactly the voltage waveforms over
the primary and secondary capacitors, using a linear lumped RLCM model,
immediately after the firing of the spark gap, and assuming that no
sparks are generated in the secondary and that the spark gap remains
conducting forever.
The program can solve other circuits too. There is a text with more
details in the distribution file.

The file can be downloaded (~50 K) from:
A recent paper using the same modeling is:
"A High potential Tesla coil impulse generator for lecture 
demonstrations and science exhibitions", by K. D. Skeldon, Al. I. Grant,
and S. A. Scott, Am. J. Phys, 65 (8), August 1997, pp. 744-754.

Obs: The program computes the exact solution, not the approximation used
in that paper, if you want to compare values.
Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz