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>On my neon I recently unpotted, I ran it hooked up to a neon light.
>The primary got extremely hot, hot enough it was boiling what little bit
>of tar that was left on it off. Is this normal? I wouldn't think it
>would be. One thing to add though, when I was removing it I nicked
>some of the primarys windings. They aren't shorting as far as I know.
>Could this be the cause of the tranny overheating. I don't understand.
>Help me please.........

Try running the neon without a load.  If it does not over heat then check
the current on the primary coil with an amp meter.  Connect the 2 high
voltage leads to each other and connect an amp meter in series with the
primary coil.  Turn on the neon long enough to get a reading on the amp
meter.  A 15K 30 ma connected to 120 vac should read 3.75 amps on the
primary not counting losses so it might read closer to 4 amps.  If you
accidently move the shunts to the left or right while unpotting a neon it
can make a big difference in current.  If you have removed any of the shunts
put them back and check the current on the primary again to see if you get
the correct current for your neon.  If your primary coil is shorted it will
read high current and have to be replaced or rewound.

I have a 15K 30ma unpotted neon with 4 plates removed from each shunt and it
now produces 15K 50ma for several minutes on each run.  With 7 plates
removed from each shunt it produces 15K 72 ma for very short runs.  

Gary Weaver