*TC Survey* - Progress Update

From: 	Adam[SMTP:absmith-at-tiac-dot-net]
Sent: 	Thursday, December 25, 1997 1:09 AM
To: 	tesla list; usa; T2
Subject: 	*TC Survey* - Progress Update

I am hard at work on formatting the survey data as I write this.  As a 
sign of good faith, I am giving you the address so you can check out the 
progress of the survey results page.  Right now, I am building the table 
of contents, which has quite a bit of useful data all by itself.  

At the address below, you will find the data table which will serve as 
the table of contents to the complete survey results.  I have completed 
the table for the 0-3kVA setups, with the results from my surveys only.  
Next, I will be adding the 3kVA+ systems and an extra table of data from 
previous surveys and listserv postings.  No proofing/checking has been 
done, so there may be errors.  

Go here:    http://www.tiac-dot-net/users/absmith/tesla/tcresults.html

I want feedback, guys!!!! It's not too late for additions and 
revolutionary ideas.  I want this survey to serve the Tesla Coiling 
community as best it can.



Adam Smith
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