Curious about Coil form

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Sent: 	Tuesday, December 23, 1997 3:46 PM
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Subject: 	Curious about Coil form

I think I may have either hit the jackpot, or am begging
trouble. A buddy that owns a landscaping business told me he
had a 30" chunk of 6" ABS drainpipe. Great says I, thanks so much :)

Well, I got the pipe yesterday, and lo and behold, he is wrong, it is
not ABS, but instead HDPE! Can you say low-loss coil form? I knew you

Or is it? Problem is that it is black inside, with a 3-4 mil white
coating. I did the following tests, to see if the black was carbon 
based (I think not) but would love to hear some second opinions, even if I
ignore them :)

Test 1: Ohmmeter leads dug into the edge, approx 2mm apart - meter
        reads open circut.

Test 2: 15KV probes on inside - no corona around the tips until they
        were forming a corona between two high points in air, not to the
Test 3: wall thickness is 0.150", with sharp point directly opposite
        heavy corona, but no arc.

Think I am safe to make this into a form???

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