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The buzzing sound is a 60 Hz mechanical resonance of your cores.  Where the
cores fit together the gap is now slightly larger and the pieces are
moving.  Their movement creates a mechanical sound oscillator that moves
the air at the same frequency and causes the buzzing you hear.  The cores
need to be clamped together very tightly after immaculate cleaning of the
surfaces, and then usually epoxied together so there is no movement.


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> Two quick questions. I recently unpotted a 15000-at-30ma neon tranny.
> I was wondering, I am considering raising the ma rating to about 
> 35ma to 40ma, do the shunts have to be up next to the primary or
> secondary after I remove the desired amount. Second question,
> I took the core and coils apart and cleaned them then I put them
> back together and it ran perfect. Later I had to take it apart again
> and I put it back together exactly the same. It works the same as it
> did after the first time I took it apart. But now here's my question.
> Now the tranny buzzes kind of loud. I think it is probably loose,
> because if I set it on its side the buzzing almost totally stops.
> Am I on the right track or is something out of whack!
> Chris