Re: Appearance of LDPE film

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Subject: 	Re: Appearance of LDPE film

>     I just received a shipment of 4 rolls of 6 mil 3'x100' LDPE film.  
>     This film has a slight tan appearance.  The box says "Film-Gard 
>     All-purpose construction grade."  I purchased similar film from a 
>     difference source (a company named "Warp's"), and it had a white milky 
>     appearance.  Does the tan hue of this film speak to it's suitability 
>     for use in caps?

Who knows? The best thing to do is test it.  Use a variac and a neon 
transformer to apply voltage to both sides of the tan stuff and the 
normal clear-whitish stuff, and compare breakdown voltages.  Repeat with 
several samples, and try different thicknesses.  Average the results and 
you'll know which one is better.  Use that one.


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