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>I have been pursing the same approach, although at a somewhat higher energy
>level: 40 kJ to produce a 3 MV pulse lasting many microseconds to allow the
>spark to propagate many meters. My problem is insulation and mechanical
>Pulse transformers are used a lot in the Capacitor discharge spot welding
>business. Imagine a machine to weld an 8 foot wide section of steel
>reinforcing mesh, i.e. 48 welds simultaneously at several kAmps each.
>Charge a cap up to a few kilovolts, run it through a 100:1 step down, and
>there is your megaamp discharge.

Think you could do a before/after radiation check for alpha radiation
emission from neutron activation? Rich Hull and other fusion researchers
might find the results interesting.

>For the impulse transformers, they typically use a bar core, because the
>pulse lasts such a short time, the magnetic field doesn't have time to
>propagate out the end of the bar, before it collapses due to the load

What is the propagation velocity of the magnetic field? Should be quite high
I would think. Anyways, the (reluctance?) or permiability difference between
air and even pwdrd iron (150) would make leakage negligable.