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"> 4) A distributed ladder network of series inductors simulating the
bottom of
> the coil equal to the total secondary inductance/2 then /4 ,/8, etc..with
> capacitances to ground starting at the top equal to total secondary self-
> C/2+Toroid-C then self-C/4,/8, etc...showed a 91.58KHz component for the
> Inductor L7 at the top of the coil, and also 1,2,3,and 4MHz spikes for
> Inductor L1 at the bottom of the coil...simillar to the scope traces from
> real coil."
I'm not sure what your "real world" coil configuration is by this
Are you driving this with a base coil like a magnifier?
Do the L sections refer to the simulation post several months ago?

Interested but confused,
Jim McVey