charging inductor

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Sent: 	Monday, December 22, 1997 6:35 AM
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Subject: 	charging inductor

Ed Sonderman,


Thanks all for your input.  I wasn't particularly clear in my description.
The supply as of now uses one transformer.  Soon I will use two in series
which will require grounding of the common secondary leg.  Then I will use
a safety gap on each hot side with the center gap grounded.  Next will be
the .01 micro F caps to ground, and on each side 100 mH inductors in series
both to act as filters and charging inductors.  Then for extra paranoia
protection another safety gap, and then finally to the tank.

I hope this may be a little clearer.  I just tried using my keyboard to
make a schematic but it was so poor that it would have been worse to send
it than to try to explain it.  If anyone knows of a way to mail minicad
drawings maybe you could post that as well.

I thank you all for you help.

Dwight :(