Re: familiair with rumkorff inductors? (fwd)

From: 	Atle Jorstad[SMTP:anjorsta-at-online.no]
Sent: 	Monday, December 22, 1997 6:15 AM
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Subject: 	Re: familiair with rumkorff inductors? (fwd)

>Many (all?) of the experimental sets that I could locate in old
>catalogs and books, used for experiments with Tesla coils and
>similar devices used an induction coil (Ruhmkorff coil) as HV
>source to charge the primary capacitor.
>Look at http://www.coe.ufrj.br/~acmq/electrostatic.html, at
>the end of the main page.
>This certainly works.  
What is the difference between Rhumkoff coils and car ign. coil, except that
the Rhumkoff coils oscillate on their own caused by the core magnetism and a
relay-like trigger?
Atle Jorstad