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Sent: 	Sunday, December 21, 1997 8:16 PM
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Subject: 	Fiberglass ????? (fwd)

>>I just deleted 6180 emails today and remember someone mentioned something
about G10 fiberglass makes a good rotor.  Where can I get some G10
fiberglass for a rotor?<<


I've seen fiberglass at South Bay Plastics in Torrance, CA  310 320-8180

It's the green solid G10 stuff in pieces up to 1/2 inch thick(from what
I've seen). Mostly squares but they do custom cutting. Better to let them
do it than to wear out all your own blades. Lots of plastics too. Tubes,
rods, sheets.

Give them a call, they sell single scrap pieces by the pound.


Rene Caldera