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On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 06:29:02 -0700 Scott Stephens
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> ... since the size of the primary discharge capacitance decreases with the
> square of the voltage, and it's dielectric thickness increases linearly
> with voltage, why not use 100KV+ in spark gaps? This would make for a very
> compact and ...

The reason Scott is two fold; first the higher the voltage the more 
dificult it is to quench a spark gap! Secondarily cost and size! To make a 
100KV+ capacitor you would have to have 10 10KV capacitors of 10 times your 
final value and hook them in series (actually more like 20 caps of 20 
times the final value to tolerate the peak voltages), to try and make a 
single capacitor to tolerate 100KV+ is shear folly, with polyethylene that 
thick the capacitor would get monstrous in size and expense and be quite 
prone to failure!


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