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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 19:50:16 -0600
From: Chuck Curran <ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com>
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Hello Kevin:

One method that I have used is to take a piece of copper or brass strap,
about 1/2"-1" wide depending on your coils power level and ..015"-.030"
thick.  It will have to be long enough to connect to your next connection
point, most likely your capacitor.  The end that will be attached to the
primary, or 1/4" diameter copper tube in your coil, can be preformed by
bending the end over on itself and then around a drill, 15/64" diameter
would be a good choice for the 1/4" copper tube.  Then drill a hole through
both layers in order to insert a small bolt and nut in order to clamp the
strap to the tube.  Simply loosen the bolt and slide the copper strap to the
next chosen tap point when you are in the tuning process.  I mentioned the
brass strap since it is easier to find than copper.  Many hardware stores
have a small display by K&S Metals that contains brass tube and precut 12
inch lengths of brass strap in different widths and thicknesses.  I have
made the last 2" of my capacitor to primary lead using the brass and the
rest is 1" wide by 1/16" thick copper.  The 1/16" thick is really too
much--it is tough to form into nice clean paths.  I am trying to obtain some
thinner stuff yet this year.  I hope this gives you a starting point---if
you come up with a better idea, let us know!

Chuck Curran

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Subject: primary hook up (fwd)

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>Subject: primary hook up
>What is a good means to make a secure connection to the primary coil?  I
>have a 1/4" Cu tubing primary.  Up until now I have just been using
>plain old alligator clips.  Is there anything that can fit snuggly
>around it?