Re: familiair with rumkorff inductors? (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:15:23 +0500
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Subject: Re: familiair with rumkorff inductors? (fwd)

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> dear all,
> I am reading tons of stuff to get myself to build an own
> coil safely. I could lay hand on a original rumkorff inductor
> which is a special constructed coil with integrated interruptor
> producing arches of 10 cm easily out of 12 volt dc.
> While this represents maybe >80.000 at low kva (less then 60
> watts!!). it seems to me that it is a (kind of) safe way to
> build the primary tankcircuitry of the coil with.
> Is there anybody familiair with this way of constructing or
> is it not possible?

Many people have made Tesla coils powered with induction coils. BTW it is 
properly called a Rumkorff coil or a Rumkorff induction coil not rumkorff 
inductor! If you use an induction coil to drive a Tesla coil put the spark 
gap right across the induction coil and the capacitor inseries with the 
Tesla primary across the induction coil. Remember since you are using a 
significantly higher primary voltage your capacitors must be constructed to 
tolerate the higher breakdown voltage and you must be watchfull of primary 
to secondary breakdown. Also don't expect dramatic results, since your 
using a low wattage supply you are simply not going to be able to get long 

> BTW is there a kind of newwsgroup to subscribe to to get a wider reply??

Nope! However there is another Tesla coil list though called Tesla-2, it is 
primarily meant as a novice coil builders list. However the list has 
subscribers of all experience levels. If you are interested in joining the 
Tesla-2 list send an email request to the list moderator Mike Hammer his
e-mail address is:  mhammer-at-misslink-dot-net


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