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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 97 19:07:10 -0500
From: Adam <absmith-at-tiac-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: primary hook up (fwd)

>What is a good means to make a secure connection to the primary coil?  I
>have a 1/4" Cu tubing primary.  Up until now I have just been using
>plain old alligator clips.  Is there anything that can fit snuggly
>around it?

I connect mine by a 1" W by 1.75" long piece of copper flashing, folded 
over (around) the 1/4" tubing and held to both sides of my copper 
flashing conductor strips with a #6 machine bolt and nut.  Crude diagram 
below.  It works, and I suspect it is a much better connection than the 
edges of an alligator or battery clip (what I used to use).

       ____   |__|  <---Machine screw
      /    \___||__
      | /\   __||___________  <--- conductor flashing
      | \/  ___||__ 
      \____/   ||
              |  |  <---Nut


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