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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:11:51 EST
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Subject: Re: A few questions,  (A Day At The Hamfest)

Matthew, all,
 (the hamfesting experience)
 Driving along through fog and mist,
 We carry directions and a buyer's list.
 Then, for a ticket we pay,
 Yes, it's the Hamfester's way.
 Frantically we scour,
 Through junk by the hour,
 Searching for treasure,
 As judged by a coilers measure.
 If prices are high,
 That's a table we'll pass by.
 Just a glance is enough
 To see if it's the right stuff.
 If something looks nice, 
 Then ask the price.
 Offer them less than half,
 And hope they don't laugh.
 Maybe you'll find something big, 
 like a rack or a pole pig.
 But to carry it is folly,
 Just use a handtruck or dolly.
 You'll see people you know,
 And conversation will flow.
 It's a social event, 
 Always worth the money spent.
 At ten it gets busy,
 Sun and fatigue may make you dizzy.
 But by 12 it's slow,
 Almost time to go.
 We show friends what we bought,
 Bargains for which we fought.
 Then we leave with a farewell,
 Still gripped by the hamfest spell.
 The biggest question is not,
 Just how much we got,
 Or if we spent more than we can afford,
 But rather, where can this new junk be stored?
 John Freau