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Subject: wireless transmitter (fwd)

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>Fellow Coilers,
>  I am very interested in building a small wireless power transmitter.
>Has anyone on the list ever tried to construct one? Can a classic coil
>be converted into one? I am interested in any good sources of
>information or anything that could help.
>  I am considering building this for my senior project here at college.
>I want my senior project to have something to do with Tesla, and I
>probably cant use a TC because it has to have a uprocessor and be
>practical and useful for something. I don't know how practical a power
>transmitter is, I don't think that much has been done in this since the
>days of Tesla. Even if one couldn't build one to be efficient, I would
>still be interested, as long as I could build it to be at least 20%
>efficient. Power transmission needn't be more than 50' or so.
>  Ideas/suggestions? Or just scrap the whole idea? I would be very
>interested if anyone had some firsthand knowledge about such things.
>Tristan Stewart
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Dont know what Tesla did but I know what  I did...
First  Use low power... sparks aside the thing is power transmision and a TC
optimised for long sparks wont do that very well.
Second  Dont ground it {the tesla coil secondary that is} use a horizontal
coil with both ends of the secondary open... you dont see anything like this
on the list, however 6the machine they had whwn i was in high school was
like that... makes a lot of rfi but then that is what grounding is all about
Third make a focusing coil wired in series with the primary...
make the reciever a duplicate of the tesla secondary...
then it is a simple matter of aligning the coils to get an efficiant power
what kind of power you want to get out is another story...this arraingment
will get you about the same power out of the second secondary as tou get out
of the first but i dont know anything about changing it into anything
usefull...should work very well at souch a short distancr as fifty feet...
if you want to transmit power over a longer distance than that it would take
probably a grounded coil and a grounded reciever but i have no first hand
knoledge of sutch... hope this helps...you may email me directly at
deano-at-corridod-dot-net please excuse my spelling and such, am typing only
lefthanded as now, right hand injured at work   finding letters on machine
is a chore so somtimes miss one or hit the wrong one...