Tesla Coil Books and JHCTES Program (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 18:15:31 +0000
From: "John H. Couture" <couturejh-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Tesla Coil Books and JHCTES Program

>>    By John H.Couture
>>   TESLA COIL CONSTRUCTION GUIDE - 75 pages - $18.00 List
>>   Contains plans for building 5 different coils with spark
>>    lengths from one inch to 8 feet. All of the plans have been
>>    designed using the latest Tesla coil engineering technology
>>    and are based on actual coils built and tested by the author
>>    and other coilers. A unique step by step design procedure
>>    and graphs are shown for designing Tesla coils using manual
>>    calculations for designers who do not have a computer. The
>>    Guide contains 19 Sections and 37 Illustrations.
>>    TESLA COIL DESIGN MANUAL - 78 PAGES - $22.50 List
>>    A publication for the advanced Tesla coil builder.. The book
>>    includes 26 graphs based on empirical data from tests of
>>    actual coils covering the 46 major coil parameters. Also
>>    included are 13 drawings showing easy to build test
>>    instruments and several methods to test your coils. The 26
>>    sections and 41 illustrations cover Theory, Dampened Waves,
>>    K Factors, Mutual Inductance, and much more.
>>    TESLA COIL NOTEBOOK - 32 PAGES - See below for price
>>    This book lists the 46 Tesla coil input and output
>>    parameters used in the JHCTES computer program. Design and
>>    engineering information is given for each parameter showing
>>    how they affect the design and the other parameters of the
>>    program. There is also additional information on Tesla coil
>>    safety and grounding, critical coupling, Q Factor, VSWR, and
>>    Tesla's Colorado Springs fifty foot diameter coil. There are
>>    11 sections and 11 illustrations.
>>    JHCTES COMPUTER PROGRAM Ver 2.3 - See below for price
>>    For 3.5inch diskette for MS DOS/Windows 
>>    This is the latest version of this popular user friendly
>>    Tesla coil computer program that includes 46 major Tesla coil 
>>    parameters. The 11 inputs are the physical characteristics of 
>>    the coil which are readily available to the designer. 
>>    The 35 output parameters are calculated by the
>>    computer using standard electronic equations plus empirical
>>    data from tests of real world coils. All of the parameters
>>    are coordinated into one comprehensive program. This is the
>>    only TC computer program presently available that automatically
>>    keeps the TC system in tune when "what if" changes are made
>>    in the inputs.
>>    TESLA COIL NOTEBOOK and JHCTES Computer program - $ 29.95
>>    For Internet "Tesla List" deduct 20% from list prices shown
>>    for books and JHCTES program. Add $3.00 for priority mail in
>>    continental United States.
>>    All three books and JHCTES program $55.00 net plus $4.00
>>    priority mail in US. Send check or money order.
>>    For Foreign countries email me your interests. The cheapest
>>    way is to have a friend who is going to visit the US pick up
>>    the books and program for you. I can mail them to any hotel,
>>    business, private residence in the US for pickup. Send
>>    international money order.
>>    John H. Couture
>>    10823 New Salem Point
>>    San Diego, CA 92126
>>    USA