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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 97 17:56:05 -0500
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Subject: Re: Chokes, Caps, and resistance (fwd)

>> Another question that comes to mind is that if I'm not using neons, do I
>> even need resistance at all?

>I would move the bypass caps so they are connected directly to the output
>bushings on the transformer.  As to your last question, I am still working on
>that myself.  I think the answer is it depends on each system since each is
>different.  It won't hurt anything to include the resistors regardless of the

My experience is that ferrite and iron powder chokes will require some 
damping resistance to insure that they do not flash over and destroy 
their own insulation, which you so painstaking put on the cores.  I've 
had quite a few chokes without resistance go up in flames (literally) 
from their own self-resonant ringing.  One thing for sure- using small 
gauge copper wire (>#28) for the chokes does not provide sufficient DC 
resistance to kill the Q.

I have no idea about air core chokes, I've always avoided them because I 
wanted more inductance than they could provide in a compact size.  They 
certainly have the potential for high-Q however, and like Ed says, the 
resistance won't hurt.


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