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I don't know if it's related, but I have a lamp here that I believe is used
for artificial lightning - it's 25 inches long (19 inches active), discharge
tube with heavy brass terminals at each end.  I suppose it's a Xenon flash
tube of some kind - I haven't taken the time to see what it does.
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Subject: Re: Practical use of a tesla coil

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>>> Ive recently been working with a TV and film lighting company (ARRI)
>>> and they use tesla coils in the balast units for their high power
>>> discharge lights.   The tesla coil is used as an ignighter for the lamp
>>> and generates 4" of spark, no toroid, just heavilly insulated wire.
>>Could you give some more details about the lamp this coil drives?
>>I vaguely remember that a product called "earth light" also contained a
>>small Tesla coil to drive a electrodeless fluorescent tube to yield high
>>efficiency lighting, these however were designed for residential usage in
>>normal light bulb socket.
>Yeah, i'd like to know the details too.  Sounds as if it may be a large
>cold-cathode lamp similar to a scaled up version of a xenon photoflash
>tube, only continuous.
>Whatever it is, I'll bet it runs hot :-)
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