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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:29:44 -0500
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Subject: Re: Old Capacitors - now working

Greetings All,

Thanks for all the response to my query about my capacitors.
Thanks especially to Malcolm for his assurance that they
would not explode! They just look like sticks of dynamite and
they were made in Londonderry, (now Derry), Northern Ireland.
But they contain no oil.

I tried them out today - these are six of 0.1uf 10kV caps so
I used 2 parellel sets of 3 in series giving me 0.067uF at 30kV DC.
and they worked fine.

I always stick to short runs anyway and checked them for
heating after each run but they barely got warm.  Discharges
are limited to 30 inches by the size of the garage and the
non optimal coil. (4inch dia pipe, 2foot length of 0.4mm wire -
about 1500 turns - I know better now!). But the discharges were
the hottest I've had.

The power supply is a 2000V 500mA transformer (micro-
wave)  plus a 5500V 550mA transformer in series so the
potential is there if I wind a better coil.

Have fun

Alan Sharp (UK)

Rev Alan Sharp BSc BD
Doing hivoltage services in St Ninian's Corby, Northamptonshire.