Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-) (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:23:16 EST
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Subject: Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)

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 Greetings, I suspect the "best" horizontal grounding would be as if
 you were building an r.f. transmitter, i.e. the horizontal elements
 should be 1/4 wavelength long, the same as the length of wire used to
 wind your secondary coil. (or as long as possible if not achievable)
>From what I know about Tesla coils, this is not necessary.  The radial ground
system Adam suggested should work fine.  A very large counterpoise should work
just as well.  I have not heard of any improved results with a "tuned" ground
system.  I also have very rocky ground and rented an electric jack hammer to
drive the copper clad steel ground rods into the earth (rocks).  On some, I
could not get the full eight feet into the ground and just cut the remaining
few inches off.

Ed Sonderman