Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-) (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:48:59 MYT
From: Sulaiman Abdullah <sulabd-at-hotmail-dot-com>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)

Greg,  on the topic of 'resonant transformer' vs. '1/4 wavelength'
I'm curious what secondary power level your 130 kW T.C. runs at PRIOR
to breakout, have you considered a quick test picking up T.C. power
from the 'aether' or whatever with a suitably tuned receiver/TC coil?
Purely 'academic' interrest for now, though I have wound my NST rfc's
with the same length of (finer) wire on the same diameter former size
as my TC secondary for just such testing later.
Good luck with the final adjustments, packing, and collection!
best regards ... Sulaiman

>Subject: 	Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)


>I believe that you are correct; however there is a persistent
>school of thought that TC's are somehow 1/4 wave antennas, 
>rather than resonant xfmrs.
>On the continuum between resonant xfmrs and 1/4 wave antennas,
>I would place the TC about 99% towards the resonant xfmr end.

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