Re: Weird ideas [humidity gauges]

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On Monday, December 08, 1997 10:28 AM Russ Thornton
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> Heck, I make my own relative hygrometers for nothing!  Just glue about a
> 1/8" wide cutoff of endgrain wood( from a board about 8" to 12") to a
> strip of metal or plastic.  I particularly use a piece of the new PVC
> venetian blinds.  Mount any way you want.  Mine will deflect from 0 to
> about 45 degrees when it is very dry in the house.  Of course I am about
> as cheap as they come.

You can make a hygrometer out of almost any hygroscopic material combined 
with a non-hygroscopic material. The principle being that the 
hygroscopic material will shrink and expand dependant on the humidity 
due to water absorbtion. This material is glued to a backing of a 
non-Hygroscopic material and then the pair will bend towards or away from 
the side of the hygroscopic material accordingly. Most of the commercial 
hygrometers sold in "wheather" sets comprised of a Hygrometer, a barometer 
and a thermometer are built out of paper and aluminum foil. One can also 
use the wet bulb/dry bulb thermometer technique sometimes called a sling 
psychrometer, it is described in almost all books on wheather prediction 
and especial books on wheather instruments!


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