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On Sunday, December 07, 1997 4:40 PM Will Cross
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> Hi,
> I've just built a tesla coil powered by a 10kV transformer for a science
> project and just for interest.  Right now it is only producing sparks
> of about 3 inches.  I'm not sure if the primary and secondary coils are
> quite right.  My secondary coil is wound around 2.5 inch pvc pipe with
> magnet wire and is 24 inches high.

Your secondary is too long! The length over width ration should be between 
3 and 4, yours is over 9!

> The output terminal is a small, simple brass cap.   Is that ok?

You will get bigger sparks if you use a larger sphere or toroid, these hold 
off break out until higher voltages are achieved. If you cut the length of 
the windings on your secondary down to between 7.5 and 10 inches (use 
atleast #28 wire), I would suggest either a 4 inch sphere or a 6 x 1 inch 

> My primary coil is made out of #12 copper wire and I'm not sure at what
> radius and height to wind it.  Right now it is wrapped pretty much right
> next to the secondary coil and goes most of the way up it. I don't think
> thats right.

You thought correctly! Having a primary geometry as you described is first 
going to over couple to the secondary, which will decrease your output and 
secondly is going to invite secondary to primary break down! You would be 
much better up with either a flat pancake or a slopping pancake type 


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