Re: Bypass caps and Neons

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Monday, December 08, 1997 7:16 AM Michael Baumann
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> Looking for advice from more than one source:
> I am getting conflicting advice, and so I am asking here.
> Does one, or does one not, need bypass caps when using neons?

Bypass caps are not an IMPERATIVE put thay can save your traney if you not 
using enough inductance to properly protect your traney from R.F.
In the case of your specs;
> Choke + Resistor: 3.2mh air core [6" of 28g on 2" form]...

I feel you are using WAY TO LITTLE inductance to properly protect your 
traney! I prefer to use a couple of pounds of #28 wire wound as a
6" diameter , 1/4" thick pancake between two plexiglass disks, with the 
outer terminal going to the supply and inner terminal going to the tesla 
coil.  I would then put a .001 ufd. capacitor directly across the 
transformer output. BTW with this arangement I have NEVER seen a safty gap 
fire even once!


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