Re: Source of Transformers? Yes

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> Coiler Types,
> I hate to parade my ignorance before you, but just what is a 
> "potential transformer"?
Hi Greg, a "potential transformer" is a constant voltage transformer as 
opposed to a constant current or shunted transformer. With a potential 
transformer if you short circuit the secondary the primary will draw more 
and more current until it will eventually burn out it's own windings in 
it's effort to maintain a constant secondary voltage, therefore these need 
to have a current limiter in their primary circuit. The current limiter 
can consist of a resistive ballast (light in weight but very wastefull of 
energy) or an inductive ballast otherwise known as a choke (energy 
efficient but very heavy) or in a more sophisticated arrangement an 
adjustable choke, typically a choke made such that the iron core can be 
adjustably moved in and out of the coil. and last but not least a saturable 
reactor which is like a three coil transformer such that the two outer 
coils are in opposed position and the center leg of the core has a D.C. 
winding and as the D.C. voltage is increased the inductance of the two A.C.
coils decreases, this is also identified in some older literature as a 
magnetic amplifier.


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