Re: Oil Paper Caps.

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>> I intend to seal the unit with Outdoor Silicon Sealant, the label says the 
>> product emits acetic acid on curing, do you think this will contaminate the 
>> oil unacceptably?  If so, would two part epoxy resin be better?
>I have used the stuff rather extensively, and it has never given me a 
>problem. I use only the clear silicone sealant, and I buy it in the big
>tubular dispensers meant to be used with a caulking gun. I have never
>had contamination problems. The vapors dissipate without too much 

>Hope this helps.
>Fr. Tom McGahee

Fr. McGahee, the "Red Devil Clear" that you recommended to me earlier is 
great!  This caulk is acrylic, not silicone, and I would expect it to 
hold up much better against oils.  This stuff is easy to spot at the 
hardware store, since it is about the only thing that guns out clear and 
it comes in a clear tube (clear silicone and vinyl caulks usually start 
out white).  On the downside, it is more expensive than silicone caulk, 
and it does take an awfully long time to fully cure (48 hrs or so).  

No acetic acid fumes with the acrylic caulk either, just a strong THF 
rubbercement-like smell.


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