Re: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?

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Subject: 	Re: Series-linked Microwave caps? any good?

On Tuesday, December 02, 1997 9:02 AM Bert Hickman
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> Alfred and all,
> I also used to be concerned that bleeder resistors would be a problem
> due to additional losses until I looked at some of the numbers. It turns
> out that bleeder resistors add a negligible amount of loss when compared
> to the typical losses stemming from the spark gap and (in the case of
> Mylar) dielectric heating. For example, a  typical uwave cap may have...

With values in the range you described (10 meg ohms), I agree the bleeder 
losses would be almost insignificant in comparison to the other losses 
already in the system. What one does have to be careful about though is 
accepting losses in too many areas, they quickly add up and degrade 

P.S. Sorry I didn't respond sooner but I've been occupied of late with a 
number of problems and sometimes I don't even get the chance to pull down 
my mail for several days. This should be improving by the end of the month!


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