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On Saturday, December 06, 1997 11:30 AM Jim Lux
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> > A few months ago Fair Radio Sales, Lima, OH, had some nice 6 inch dia.
> > humidity gauges for about $10.  We added one to the lab wall about 3
> years
> > ago and it works great -- use it more for checking performance on Van de
> > Graaffs than on TC's, but you can always check the RH in your lab and the
> > cost if reasonable.
> Radio Shack also has battery powered hygrometer/thermometer combinations
> for about $20. We make clouds and fog a lot at work, and find that the RS
> units work just fine for standardizing conditions. Of course, they aren't
> sensitive to glycol vapors which is what we use for some fog, but, oh
> well...
If anyone want's a hygrometer they are relatively easy to make using a 
human hair as the sensitive element. Instructions are to be found in most 
of the kids books on science fair projects and especially books on 
building ones own laboratory equipment that can be found in almost all 
public libraries. If anyone decides to make a hair hygrometer one tip to 
remember is they work better if all oils and grease are removed from the 
hair first, this is easily done with acetone, BUT DON'T USE FINGER NAIL 
POLISH REMOVER, it contains oils that will render the hair useless as a 


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