Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)

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Quarter-wavelength ground radials at Tesla coil frequencies are
impractical unless your house lot covers a few hundred acres.  Even
at HF amateur frequencies, where a quarter-wavelength is reasonably
short, "tuned" ground radials are a virtual impossibility because
the earth detunes them.  Ground radial systems are effective because
they behave like one plate of a huge capacitor tightly coupled to the
earth, presenting a very low resistance at RF.  For this reason, a
large number of physically short radials actually sink RF better than
a small number lengthy "quarter-wave" radials.  



Frozen in East Anglia

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Greetings, I suspect the "best" horizontal grounding would be as if
you were building an r.f. transmitter, i.e. the horizontal elements
should be 1/4 wavelength long, the same as the length of wire used to
wind your secondary coil. (or as long as possible if not achievable)

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>Subject: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)
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>OK, I have probed all over my yard, and it is so seriously 
>that driving a ground rod deeper than 16" is impossible.  My home is 
>surrounded by stone walls, since everytime the house is added onto, the 
>builders unearth hundreds of rocks in the 20-500lb range.  
>So, I have decided to try using three 8' 1/2" ground rods radiating out 
>from my coil location, buried horizontally about 6" below the ground 
>surface along with a decent amount of rock salt (NaCl, not the CaCl2 
>kind) to help out.  All connections are now 2" wide copper flashing 
>strips (previously #4 DC cable).   As soon as the weather is nice 
>for me to move my coil outside, I will let you all know how this works.
>I am still open to suggestions on what other shallow-ground techniques 
>might be worth while- maybe burying long and wide copper flashing 
>Adam Smith
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