Re: Radial Horizontal Ground Rods (RHGRs :-)

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Adam Smith wrote:

> I am still open to suggestions on what other shallow-ground techniques
> might be worth while- maybe burying long and wide copper flashing strips?

The "Lineman's & Cableman's Handbook" found in most good libraries, has 
some shallow-ground grounding techniques designed to achieve relatively 
low ground impedances at 60Hz.  Overdoing them a bit ought to make them 
suitable for RF work.

Also, I know (from a friend of mine who is a station engineer) that AM 
radio transmitters usually use a ground network consisting of both driven 
grounds and a ground plane of heavy wire radials that are either burried 
less than 12" or lying right on the top of the ground.  

I have a passing fancy that a large ground plane might capacitively couple 
to the ground making an effective connection at RF, although a poor one at 
60Hz or DC.  I suspect a combination of the two would be ideal.  I've been 
meaning to add a ground plane network to my ground rod network for some 

For pounding deep ground rods, even through boulders, I believe there are 
penetrator tips, hardened-end ground rods, and thicker-than-0.5" rods 
available.  Check with your local electrical contractor's supply.

Also, to help pound 0.5" rods through rocks, slide them through a piece of 
.75" pipe that is a few feet shorter than the rod.  Have a friend steady the 
assembly while you pound with a 5-10 pound sledge hammer from the top 
of  a ladder.  The pipe helps keep the rod from buckling or bending.  
Remove the pipe when necessary to keep going.  Use a shorter pipe if the 
rod still wants to bend when you get to <6 feet or so.


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