Re: Source of Transformers?

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to Zuma

You might consider also the medium size alternative -- a potential
transformer.  These xmfrs are used commonly for metering applications, ie,
monitoring the HV on a transmission line and reducing the potential from
12,470 or 14,400 volts down to 120 vac to drive a meter.  These units work
fine a usually perform well in the medium range at 3-4 kva.  They are
available from T & R Electric, Colman, SD.  Pole units are available as
well from these sources.  Caution -- one touch to either of these units
will lead to certain dismemberment or death -- not advised for anyone under
21 yrs of age  -- and I doubt they will sell you one if you are younger
than 21 for liability reasons.


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> Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place I can get hold of 
> a pole tranny or potential tranny. Or if anyone maybe selling one.
> I can get hold of several neons working or not, but I am really looking
> for a larger tranny.  Thanks***Chris