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> >>    In fact to determine the efficiency of a Tesla coil when no secondary
> >> sparks are present would be an interesting test. Does anyone have any
> >> suggestions?
> >> 
> >>   John Couture
> >
> >I have already posted a very simple way of measuring pri-sec transfer 
> >efficiency that is quite accurate. It is in the archives. You must 
> >monitor the secondary ringups with a scope and put a large enough 
> >topload on to prevent breakout. Do this in single shot mode as 
> >anything else will hammer the cap/s to pieces.
> >
> >Malcolm
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>   Malcolm -
>  What do you mean by pri-sec transfer efficiency?

Exactly that.
>   As I mentioned before the inductive pri-sec transfer efficiency is always
> 100 percent.

Really? You are assuming (a) that the coils are coupled to nothing 
else - a physical impossibility, and (b) that there is no effective 
resistance in either. The fact that the Q's are not inifinite gives 
the lie to that last one at least.

>   Your test was not the overall efficiency of a TC with no sparks.
>   In the above test I was thinking of wallplug to secondary terminal
> efficiency with no sparks.
>   Joihn Couture