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> Max,
> Your Pwm had an adjustable "dead time" delay which is supposed
> to avoid simultaneous conduction of the power transistors.
> Did you set this for the rise/fall spec's of your FET's?
> This may be the problem.
> Jim McVey

   Yes the dead time is set per instructions. My problem seems to be
"Flux Walking". When I monitor the current on the o'scope using a
current transformer one half of the waveform clearly has much higher
peaks. This indicates one transistor is pulling the majority of the
current. Dead time is also plainly visable as a flat section in the
waveform when neither transistor is conducting. My new power supply will
be a split supply with the center-point of the series capacitors earth
grounded. This will enable me to monitor the drain voltage/waveform
directly. Before I put the push-pull driver back together I think I'll
try my hand at a flyback. It will probably be a little easier. I have a
HUGE npn bipolar transistor sitting on the shelf, gathering dust I've
been meaning to use. It's made by Westinghouse, and is rated at

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