Ultem as dielectric for flat caps?

From: 	Barton B. Anderson[SMTP:mopar-at-mn.uswest-dot-net]
Sent: 	Monday, December 08, 1997 10:07 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Ultem as dielectric for flat caps?

To all,
Has anyone heard of Ultem Polyetherimide? I was looking through
a catalog from Polymer Corporation and came across "Ultem" which
has some very interesting properties. Here's some of the most
interesting specs:
* Dielectric Strength: 830V/mil
* Dielectric Constant: 3.15
* Dissipation Factor: 0.0013

Some of the key benefits as stated by Polymer Corporation are:
* High heat resistance
* Exceptional flame retardance - UL 94-V-O rated
* Exceptional chemical resistance
* Low smoke
* High dielectric strength
* Low dissipation factor
* Stable dielectric constant
* Outstanding mechanical properties
* Excellent machinability
* Transparent (Amber)
* Performs in continuous use to 340 degrees F

It comes standard in 24" x 48" plates with a thickness range of
1/32"  through 3".

Has anyone tried this material before or know anything about
this poly? It seems from the specs that it would make quite a
dielectric. The cost might be inhibitive. Polymer Corp. grades
their polymers with "$" signs. The range is $ to $$$$$, with
Ultem rated at $$$. Maybe worth asking for quote?

Bart Anderson